About Arogyam - Our vision 

                  We strive to spread the light of Ayurveda Knowledge among Ayurvedic Doctors so as we can serve the society to our full potentials.

AROGYAM 2011 is a effort to present and evaluate ayurved with the modern scenario 
of health system

we have organised a open session on subjects in which the role of ayurvedic treatment is not known to all & modern medicine has its own limitations.

With this effort we see forth to bring the Modern system of medicine & ayurved on one stage to present their capacities in treatment of Cardiovascular disorders, Cancer, CRF & Infertility.

We see forward to open the doors to new dimensions by setting milestone for co-ordinated efforts by different systems of mediciens in serving mankind.

We are presenting the knowledge of Marma chikitsa so as Ayurvedic practitioners can use it successfully in day to day practice.

About Grantha Vachan -
Simplified knowledge is necessary if one has to achieve understanding of any science. the clasical texts of ayurved- the samhitas if presented in simplfied form can reveal the divine knowledge for everyone of us.


           Dr. Tushar A. Suryavanshi                          Dr. Devendra S.Bachchhav                     
               President, N.I.M.A.,                                    Secretary, N.I.M.A.,
                       Nasik                                                         Nasik

                Dr. Anil Nikam                                         Dr. Manish M. Joshi
               Treasurer, N.I.M.A.,                                     Organiser, N.I.M.A.,
                       Nashik                                                       Nashik